目前公司与著名钢企宝钢、武钢、济钢等中国各大企业建立多年良好的合作伙伴,在钢材采购、钢材质量、加工贸易等方面具备非常强的竞争力。公司引进国内先进的金属专业加工设备,公司布局在港口便利的宁波港附近。 经过多年日益完善的服务体系获得国内外客户的高度评价。

Ningbo YOUHE Machinery Co.Ltd The company is mainly engaged in steel warehouse,precision cutting,processing and distribution,precision structure parts manufacturing and trade integration of modern service company.located in the xiaogang town of Ningbo Beilun. After years of development,the company enjoys a good reputation and reputation in the industry.

At present the company with Baosteel,Wuhan steel Jinan steel and other large Chinese good partners,have very strong competition ability in the procurement of steel, steel quality,such as the processing trade.The company introduced advanced domestic metal processing equipment,the company layout in the port facility near the port of Ningbo. After years of increasingly perfect service system won the high evaluation of domestic and foreign customers.